Protecting the environment,
democratizing development

Protecting the environment, democratizing development

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    Agroecology helps to Reduce Land Degradation says ERA/FoEN

    As the world marks the Annual World Environment Day, Mariann Orovwuje, Deputy Executive Director, ERA/FoEN says that we shall continue to make a case for agroecology that has proven to help reduce land degradation, we stand to support and promote community land rights for food sovereignty in rural communities in Nigeria and Africa.

    There is growing evidence that Agroecology systematically addresses hunger and the general socio-economic well-being of people and territories without compromising the integrity of the natural environment. Implementing the principles of Agroecology vis-a- viz food sovereignty means defending small-scale farmers/farming, and local production whenever possible. It ensures that small-scale farmers are in control at all times. It guarantees that food remains outside of the capitalist monopoly game. It makes it less subject to speculation she said.

    Moreover, adopting agroecology in its entirety allows the environment and the soil to regenerate, protecting biodiversity and people’s health. It also makes it more resilient to climate change and helps reduce global warming.

    Speaking further on this event, Rita Uwaka, Interim Administrator and Project Manager of Forest and Biodiversity, ERA/FoEN said:

    “As our Land bleeds from the impacts of deforestation for agro-commodities expansion as well as fossil fuel extraction, let us stand in solidarity against destructive systemic injustices that destroy diverse ecological systems and undermine the land rights of IPLCs and women”.

    We, therefore, call on our governments, international communities, and donors to shift their financial and political support away from initiatives promoting the industrial destructive agricultural model, in support of agroecology as the best pathway to solve the climate and food crises and redirect spending towards the promotion of a more robust array of policies in support of smallholder farming and agroecology.

    We must promote policies and practices that support community forest management methods, agroecology, and decentralized renewable energy solutions that will restore our land and ensure a just and equitable society for people and the planet.

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