Highlight: The Impacted Environment Set Ablaze,20th January, 2016
Location: Adibawa Well 8/16 environment, at JK4 (Edagberi/Betterland)
Dates of Visit: 30th April, 2017

Edagberi/Betterland community, otherwise known as JK4 is situated administratively in Ahoada West local government area of Rivers State and has over 45 functional oil wells operated by the Shell Petroleum Development Company [SPDC]. The Adibawa Flow Station and several crude oil and gas bearing pipelines traversing the environment are also some of the oil facilities hosted by the community. Crude oil exploited from the community environment and from neighbouring Biseni clan in Yenagoa local government area of Bayelsa State all pass through the Adibawa Flow Station. However, due to the need to upgrade the flow station and construct a gas gathering plant at the station to minimize or stop gas flaring; the flow station was shut down for almost three years. Now that the upgrade has been completed, test-running the gas plant is done almost on daily basis [for few hours]. The oil/gas pipelines are also being checked /repaired currently to ensure they are intact before normal operation resumes at the flow station.