What We Do?

The Energy and Extractives program has as its core areas the following:

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy Sovereignty
  • Climate Justice
  • Renewable Energy
  • International financial institutions

The energy and extractives program has a vision of halting the destruction of lives, local livelihoods and nature through the reckless exploitation of natural resources by governments and multinational companies. The global community is confronted by two serious crisis; the energy crisis and climate change . Both have global dimensions but at the same time many impacted communities across Nigeria  who are living the realities of devastated environment and compromised ability to sustain local livelihoods. We hold that these crises are in the main driven by the unsustainable economic and development models adopted by Nigeria’s government which makes the country dependent on the exploitation of fossil fuels and other unsustainable energy sources for its sustenance.

These crisis are exacerbated by the deliberate concentration of power over energy sources and services in the hands of a few multinational corporations and their backers in the local and international finance sector. It is our goal to break the monopoly of a few multinationals over access by tens of millions of peoples in our communities to clean, renewable, decentralized, community controlled energy and oppose the reckless exploitation of dirty energy sources such as coal, crude oil and gas. We work with impacted communities to enhance the capacity of our governments at local, state and federal levels and policy makers to see the necessity of immediately transiting from dirty energy sources to clean, renewable energy for the benefit of our communities and for the global environment.

Actions We Are Taking

  • We are enhancing the capacity of our communities to demand and choose the type of energy that is suitable for their development or ensuring energy sovereignty
  • We are working with our communities to bring about climate justice and provide access to millions of our people who do not yet have access to energy a clean, renewable, decentralized and community controlled energy
  • We are working with international civil society groups, affected peoples and local communities all over the world to halt or reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in to the atmosphere
  • We are partnering with local and international civil society groups to break the monopoly of a few multinational companies over energy supply and access.