Introduction: Bayelsa State presents one of the most deltaic scenarios in the Niger Delta in terms of geology or geography. There are no high grounds, which makes communities in the state susceptible to sea level rise and other Climate Change fallouts. It has a topography that is low-lying, with several natural water channels, swamps, creeks and rivers that empty into the Atlantic Ocean. Experts in the field of Survey have observed that the gradient of the environment remains the same even for distances running into kilometers. Experts document that some of the communities are below sea level, predisposing them to flooding whenever it rains.

The impacts of the floods in June 2017 necessitated a visit by ERA/FoEN field monitors to Epie/Atissa and communities around Yenagoa that suffer flooding as a result of physical structures conceived without Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] or recourse to safety.

The ERA/FoEN team, while observing some natural water channels within the communities, documented the testimonies of the locals.

FIELD REPORT #384 - How Poor Town Planning Aggravates Bayelsa Flooding