Several  bills has been heard by the Nigerian parliament,  but one thing that we have come to know is that to make laws is easy but to implement them is the biggest problem we have in Nigeria. If they are passing any bill in respect to the petroleum exploration in this Nigeria, it should be a bill that will be implemented, if not I don’t see any need  presenting a bill before the house as it is not necessary. If the PIGB can be profit driven, not the type that is being done in Abuja, but profit driven at the local level. Those people at the local level at the ones who own the resources beneath the soil, but government using the tactics of land use acts to deprive us of our rights. So if it is profit driven and the local people stand to benefit then yes I will support that pact.

The profit that is gotten for the oil exploration should not be meant for the oil companies  and government alone but should trickle down to the local communities   for their development , Because when the spills occur, the oil companies takes their own margin of the profit  to their own countries and the gives the federal government its own share and  they all forget to clean the mess they have done here, this is not obtainable in the countries where these oil companies come from. So the PIGB should be able to alleviate the sufferings of the people and must be a people’s governance bill.