case_thumb_image1Support measures to hold Big Tobacco liable for tobacco harms – ERA/FoEN urges COP7 delegates
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case_thumb_image1Lagos State Water Courts Illegal, Unacceptable – ERA/FoEN
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case_thumb_image1FG Vows To Enforce Tobacco Law, Inaugurates Advisory Committee
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case_thumb_image2LATEST EDITION

Eraction Magazine is a quarterly magazine of the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN). It is published to disseminate information on environmental human rights…



Water is Life, Lagosians say no to water privatisation.

case_thumb_image1PUBLISH WHAT YOU PUMP

Aims to fill the gap in the present Publish What You Pay and the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative processes.


case_thumb_image2LEAVE THE OIL IN THE SOIL

Working towards building a Post Petroleum Nigeria. Citing the inevitable exhaustion of fossil fuels in Nigeria, as well as the ongoing ecological degradation, toxic discharges…


case_thumb_image2LAGOS WATER CRISIS: Alternative Roadmap for Water Sector

Lagos Water Crisis: Alternative roadmap for public water sector points the way out of the water crisis in Lagos. It reviews the impact and reasons for the failure of the current water system, providing models from around the world for adaptation to the Lagos context, and makes specific recommendations that can be implemented by the Lagos State Government and Lagos State Water Corporation over the short and long term….


case_thumb_image2FIELD REPORT #384 – How Poor Town Planning Aggravates Bayelsa Flooding

he impacts of the floods in June 2017 necessitated a visit by ERA/FoEN field monitors to Epie/Atissa and communities around Yenagoa …

case_thumb_image2FIELD REPORT #383 – Environmental, Social and Health Impacts of Lagos Floods

Lagos received another bout of the climate change phenomenon with unusually heavy rains in the month of July 2017. …


case_thumb_image1ERA/FoEN Advocates Immediate Social Security for Unemployed Nigerians

The current recession that Nigeria has plunged head-long into as a result of the slump in international oil price, is indicative…

case_thumb_image2FG’s Ogoni clean up flag off, mere jamboree – Group

AN environmental group, Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria, ERA/FOEN, has given the Federal Government a knock …

case_thumb_image2Crusaders charge FG to commence concrete actions to save environment

To save Nigeria’s diverse ecosystems from further ruin, the Federal Government must go beyond mere words on …

Our Program Areas

ERA/FoEN campaigns on today’s most urgent environmental and social issues. We challenge the current model of economic and corporate globalization, and promote solutions that will help to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies.

Food Sovereignty

Our Food Sovereignty Programme (FSP) work is in line with that of Friends of International which is built around the rejection of neoliberalism in food and agriculture. The FSP supports diverse localised solutions.

Energy and Extractives

The energy and extractives program has a vision of halting the destruction of lives, local livelihoods and nature through the reckless exploitation of natural resources by governments…

Forests and Biodiversity

ERA/FoEN Forest and Biodiversity thematic area was created in response to the alarming rate of deforestation and invasion of community territories through corporate capture, neoliberal policies and patriarchal systems that undermine…

Democracy Outreach

The return of civil rule has widened the space for policy advocacy in Nigeria. The Democracy Outreach Project bridge gap between our community and advocacy works and the policy-making institutions.

Corporate Accountability and Environmental Health

Our corporate accountability campaign was born out of the need to halt anti-people and deceptive practices by big corporations, while advocating strategies of influencing corporate behavior..

Community Voices

Local community people React to the content of the Petroleum Industry Governance and Institutional Framework Bill currently before the National Assembly

Moses Seleowei, Ikarama Community, Bayelsa State

“One of the main reasons we are not pleased with the current form of the PIB is the idea of removing the 10% share of the Oil industry profit meant for host communities. ”

Chief Roman Orukali [Paramount Ruler, Kalaba Community, Bayelsa State]

“I would want to see a PIB which allow those on whose land the resources are to control the resource and; if the Federal Government will not allow what I have suggested; ”

Mrs. Warder Ayibakuro, Women Leader, Ikarama community

“We should have the right to approach whoever is in our land and to know what their mission is and if things are not in our favour; we should not be denied our freedom”

All peoples shall have the right to a general satisfactory environment favorable to their development.
– Article 24, African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights